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"All the faithful, both clerical and lay, should be accorded a lawful freedom of research, freedom of thought and freedom of expression."

Gaudium et Spes, no 62.


Luca Badini Confalonieri

Rosemary Ruether

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Roy Barton

Sr Theresia Saers

Therese Koturbash

From an international group

Plea from Malaysia"We are members of the Catholic Church in Malaysia who have been and still are involved in church organizations, basic Christian communities, inter-religious organizations and various non-governmental organizations for women, justice, the poor and the marginalised. We strongly support the application for financial support to maintain your institution. We agree with the arguments for the ordination of women as published on your websites, and fully support the ordination of women in the Catholic Church."

"In our culture where women are less worthy, less privileged and less holy, we desperately need to change the mindset of both men and women to bring about a just society. Just as the Catholic Church is recognised for its leadership on issues of justice and solidarity with the poor, it is in a similar position of leadership and influence for the eradication of oppression of women. When women will be admitted into the priesthood in the Catholic Church, its teaching that women and men are both equally made in the image of God would be credible. By this move, the Catholic Church would finally give due recognition to the dignity of women, and their role in society." Signed by 27 women and men

Samples of individual letters

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I read about your websites in the NCR and jumped up and ran to my computer to log on! I am a Roman Catholic woman who for many years has discerned a call to the ordained ministry of my Church. I recently graduated with a master of Arts in Theology. I decided to forego the MDiv for now. And I too have struggles with the question of remaining in the Catholic tradition, or leaving to seek ordination in another denomination. Years of prayer and discernment have led me to remain within my tradition, but continue to voice the authenticity of my vocation whenever I am able."

"I find hope in the stand that you are taking for reform. Sadly many are afraid to take a stand. We have found that to be very true right here in our own diocese. While there are those who say they believe in what we are standing for, they are not open to taking a public stand because of fear of losing their own position or fear of more backlash by the Vatican in our diocese. Many have said the time is not right to speak up. I say if not now then when? It feels as if there is a ground swell right now and this may be the time the Holy Spirit is using to bring about the needed change in the Church. Thank you for the part you are doing to take a stand!"

"I am reeling. We have been warned, i.e. those of us in the catechetical ministry, that we are not to speak of the things that we believe or feel but rather teach what the Church teaches. Such a sad statement! All along I felt that I believed and felt what the Spirit led me to and as such that which the Church should teach. There is a line from the movie, Simon Birch, where Simon speaks to John of the fact of his illegitimacy and his desire to know who fathered him...'Speak as a bastard, surely, but rather now speak as an enlightened bastard'. I guess I see but now 'see' with an 'enlightened' sight or vision. I am not desolate or inconsolate...just saddened. I was in the religious life for 30 years and had my vows dispensed in 1994. It seemed that God was telling me that to come from beneath the oppressiveness of where the Church had the 'people of God', I must assuredly be one of these very life giving 'people of God'. You people give me so much hope. I pray with you and feel so much solidarity with you. Walk in those all loving yet bloody footsteps of the Master. gracias, mis amigos!

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